Build extreme strength and stamina with HIIT

No diet needed. You need to do each workout for at least 20 minutes to build the best strength and stamina possible.

Focusing on the same exercises over and over, you build muscle in a short amount of time while burning fat. Building strength and endurance is a great way to improve your ability to perform everyday tasks, such as running, walking, climbing, etc.

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HIIT can also increase aerobic endurance and burn more fat per each time you do HIIT! How is HIIT different from other types of training? HIIT is a unique type of exercise, in that it consists of an intense short workout session (15-20 minutes) interleaved with rest periods to prevent injury. HIIT is a great way to develop your lean muscle mass and your strength in the very beginning. It’s ideal for people that want to build muscle in extremely short time frame with absolutely no muscle and no fat loss. How many sessions would you usually do per week? Most people should do HIIT three times per week. What kind of equipment do you use? We use an all-terrain fitness bike for HIIT workouts.

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Can anyone go on HIIT? Yes! You can use any fitness bike to do HIIT. Just ride away in the direction where you feel energetic. Can you do HIIT for a long time? Yes! HIIT can be done for hours. We’ve done HIIT for more than two hours and felt absolutely no fatigue at all. Is HIIT a good workout program for anyone? HIIT is ideal to develop total-body strength and endurance. Can HIIT be substituted for other workouts? In general HIIT should be done seperately but it can also be a substitute.