Make the fear of losing your greatest training motivattion

When you think about your training, one of my first images is of you jumping rope or riding a bike.

Before you have done any training at all, it is all about the first time you get on a bike or lift weights. This is the first step in your journey, you are taking the first step, and the second step is going for a quick run and then coming back to work the next day to get stronger. Over the years as you have done your various training sessions and your goal has changed, the second step has morphed into the second step and the third step is to work on your weaknesses.

🙊 👨🏽‍🚀 🧒

Some of these weaknesses are based on your injuries and if this is something you tend to keep hidden from your clients, then they will notice and they will be the first to call you out on them. You have spent a long time working hard on your weakness and now it is time to show your clients what you have got, and what is keeping you back. For many of us, if we do not start showing our clients in our work or our business what we are holding back, it can be a huge blockage to progress on their behalf. So here is the truth. What do you feel when you come back from your run and put your bike in a rack and your bag on your shoulders and start that run back and it takes your hands off the bike or your hands off the handlebar and you are just taking off and coming towards the end with your head down and your knees going, you actually feel the best and you are the best when you do that. Let me ask you this. Where do you feel during the day?


Where do you feel you are the strongest? Where do you feel you are the fastest? Where do you feel you are the most powerful? Where are your strengths? Where are the little things that you do to improve your rope jumping skills?